My daughter has been attending Montessori Mes Petits for about five months. She has such fun experiences and adventures and makes lots of friends. Her teachers were great! They were kind, caring and attentive with the children.

Ronica's parents.


My son went to Montessori Mes Petites pre-school for 1 year. He became very independent with the Montessori method of learning. It is a well-managed and clean environment for children and I always liked the positive behaviour of the manager, Ana Romay, and the way she cared about the kids. 

Borna's mom


Our son had a great experience at Montessori Mes Petits Academy. Thanks to the caring teachers, he had an easy and smooth period when he started attending Montessori Mes Petits. No crying at all;  he was exited about new toys and new activities. Our son has learned a lot, including the days of the week, a lot of songs - in fact singing at home-, improved social skills, and he can also describe his feelings. I like the approach to learning through playing with kids and the nice and gentle way the teachers take to develop good habits on them, e.g. cleaning after finishing playing with the toys, unpacking and packing his lunch box, etc.  I was impressed by his latest crafts with the drawing of Africa and North America where he was explaining to me continents and on which continent we live. Beautiful playground is available for kids right beside the building with lots of outdoor toys. It is the best fenced playground in the North Shore for sure. He has not been bored ever with the support of great teachers! I hope to find a similar caring and warm environment for our sun near to our new place.

Ivan's mom


"Mes Petits provided our daughter with an environment that helped to foster her self-confidence, develop meaningful friendships, and spark an interest in learning new things. During her time at daycare, she made positive connections with her teachers, learned how to be independent and more focused during activities.   We were happy to hear her singing and acting out new songs she learned at school.  We also enjoyed listening to stories about things she learned during the day - whether it was about cheetahs, continents or her French lesson.  Mes Petits is a well-managed, clean and a high quality daycare that I would definitely recommend to other parents. "

Nyana's parents


“During her time at Mes Petits we noticed great improvement in our daughter’s learning ability as well as her willingness to attempt to do new things. She became very comfortable with her teachers and the self-guided learning activities. We also appreciated that they would have some time outside, in the park or elsewhere, every day rain hail or shine. As she progressed into the older class her letter recognition has developed nicely. We feel she is very well prepared for Kindergarten and expect she will be well ahead of many other students due to the skills and knowledge that have been fostered at Mes Petits.”
Brian and Ramona Counihan (Skyla's parents)


"As soon as we walked into Mes Petits, we knew this was the school we wanted our daughter to be enrolled in.  From the bright, cheery, clean room to the warmest, sweetest most genuine teachers – we love everything about this school.
From day one we have been blown away by the care and devotion given to our little one. With the perfect mix of one-on-one attention our daughter learns so much every day that we are just blown away. She is already counting and singing and speaking French! She has also picked up so many life skills like putting on her clothing and helping us with folding and cleaning up her toys and room.
Ms. Ana and the lovely teachers keep us up to date on everything the kids are learning by updating the website and always communicating any and every issue with us.  The photos they take help us get a little glimpse into the fun experiences they share with the little ones.  I love all of the activities and field trips and adventures that they take my daughter on.  She just adores all of her teachers and talks about them at home all the time.
We can go to work and feel happy, safe and confident that our daughter is in the best care possible when we can’t be there. This feeling is absolutely priceless. I feel so blessed that we found the wonderful teachers at Mes Petits."

Karen Savolainen  (Maya's mother)


“Our son has learned so much in the short time he has attended Mes Petits.  He has begun to count in French and often greets family in French.  His vocabulary has grown so much and he seems more confident in his language.  The teachers are very knowledgeable and always seem to be instilling good habits in the children.  You can already see the daily life lessons coming through.  The field trips they take are so exciting for the children and our son gets so happy talking about what they have done.  Always a new adventure!  As well, the classroom is so well organized, clean and bright, and we are able to use the website and notes in the class to know what they are learning about in order to talk with him.  We have had a great experience at the school, our son loves his teachers and  we look forward to more adventures!”

Kylie Dickson (Beckham's mother)


"Our experience at Mes Petits has been great! Our daughter has been attending since she was 2 and a half years old and could not be happier. The teachers have been caring, attentive and accommodating with special requests. Our daughter has made connections with children in the community and will continue to Kindergarten with some of her preschool friends. I feel confident that she will be entering Kindergarten with some familiar faces; it will make the transition smooth. Thank you Mes Petits for creating a strong foundation for our daughter and creating some fond memories. If I have another child, I will be back"  :) :)

Naajiaa, Eva's mom.


"Since attending Montessori Mes Petits our daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident in social situations, increase in knowledge, and progressive motor skills development. Our daughter thrived with the routine daily outdoor play. In addition she has gained strong friendships with fellow peers and teachers. Montessori Mes Petits prepared our daughter well for kindergarten and as parents we have no concerns about her transition to the next step. Thank you for your years of support and care Montessori Mes Petits."

Sarah, Harlie's mom


"My son has been attending Montessori Mes Petits for more than a year and I am very pleased with their education system and their knowledgeable teachers.
I have notices a positive difference in his self-confidence as well as his language skills."

Parastoo Mehraban (Kourosh's mother)  


"My daughter loves attending the Montessori Mes Petits Preschool.  The teachers are incredibly caring, and the learning and play activities are creative and enjoyable for her.  The facilities are clean and visually fresh and the adjacent park for outdoor playtime is fantastic!”
Meghan Beriault (Kaia's  mother)


"My child has been enrolled in Montessori Mes Petits for almost 5 months.    She started before 3 years old, and her motor skills, and social skills have improved tremendously. The staff at Mes Petits has helped my child finalize her toilet training, and refine her fine motor skills.  The environment Mes Petits is meticulous, clean, and encourages learning.  The growth in my child over the last 5 months is directly correlated to the efforts of this program.  I highly recommend this program for all parents."

Doug Bingeman (Sofia's father)


"I love dropping off my boys in the morning, and watching them run into their classrooms excited to start the day with their teachers and friends. And at the end of the day, they always have a wonderful new artwork to show me or an enthusiastic story to tell!  I could not be happier with the care and education they receive from the excellent teachers at Mes Petits."

Abigail Kinch (Hugo and Rainer's mother)


"Our family is thrilled with the learning experiences and safe environment Montessori Mes Petit provides our 4 year old Son.
We wanted Gage to have a sound foundation for his "early enrolment" into kindergarten. We began to have concerns his fierce independent personality could hinder a successful transition from his  former "free-play" to a structured classroom environment.
We began screening other child care providers, pre-schools and researching learning possibilities that would help us ensure he was ready. The Montessori Mes Petit philosophy is right in line with our family values. We enrolled our son immediately after being impressed with the clean, organized and stimulating classes.
After only 5 months, Gage's vocabulary and ability to focus has been noticeably impressive. His appetite for learning has been cultivated by experienced gentle teachers who communicate regularly with us.
We are so grateful to have found Montessori Mes Petit and are confident our son will be well prepared for kindergarten this September."

The Shackelly family (Gage's)


"Montessori Mes Petits has been more than preschool for our son - it has been a strong, vibrant and inclusive community as well. The teachers and administration in the school are deeply involved in the development and growth of each child. As a parent I have always had the confidence that my child was being provided with an amazing environment for his primary early childhood years. Our son has absolutely loved his time here and has developed close relationships with children and teachers. This preschool does a phenomenal job of providing a Montessori education in a warm, loving and inviting environment.

Amy Saini (Aneil's mother)



"A man is not what he is because of the teachers he has had,
but because of what he has done."

Maria Montessori

We really want to thank Ana and her wonderful staff for taking such good care of our son. The facilities are well kept and the location is superb, next to a park and close to the hospital. We highly recommend checking this academy out if you're looking for good quality childcare.

Janet, (Zach's mother)


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