Practical Life Activities

Preliminary Exercises

Carrying a mat; unrolling a mat; rolling a mat.
Sit and stand from a chair; tack in the chair.
Carrying a chair; a table; a tray; a jug; a sharp object.
Opening / closing a door;  bottles; boxes.
Removing a book; opening a book.
Turning pages of a book.
Washing and folding cloths.
Spooning and pouring beans; rice; sugar, etc without spilling.
Cleaning up spills with a sponge.
Pouring liquids without spilling.
Sitting on the line; sitting next on the line; walking on the line.
Carrying objects without dropping them; liquids without spilling.
Walking/dancing without knocking into furniture or people.
Simple use of needle and thread; tweezers; thongs; eyedroppers; locks; keys.
Peeling carrots with a vegetable peeler.
Extract juice from oranges.
Braiding; stamping; modeling.
Stringing beads; sorting beads.
Screwing and unscrewing bolts and nuts.
Sorting colors; shapes; sizes; kinds.
Hanging coat on the hook.
Working carefully and neatly.

Grace and Courtesy

Greeting a person.
Saying thank you; excuse me; help me.
Offering help.
Expressing admiration.

Care of the Person

Washing and drying hands with paper towels and throw it away in the trash.
Wash their face.
Blowing  their nose and through away the tissue properly.
Changing of outside shoes for the inside shoes.
Putting on a jacket and zipping it.
Working with the frames: button; snaps; hook and eye; zipper; buckle; bow; lacing; safety pins.
Polishing shoes;
Preparing a snack.        


Care of the Environment

Arranging flowers.
Caring for plants and for animals.
Fastening clothes on a line with clothes pins or pegs.
Washing cloths.
Sweeping with small broom and dust pan.
Dusting and washing a table.
Polishing wood; metal; glass.
Setting a table.
Putting materials and books away on the shelves.
Folding Napkins; towels; own clothing.

"Your children
need your presence
     more than your       presents."

       Rev. J. Jackson

And many, many more...

        You can help your child become a happy skilled human being by letting him help you on your daily household tasks like cleaning, washing, cooking and gardening; anything that engage him in some easy everyday jobs will aid him in the development of his motor skills, eye hand coordination, order, sequence, concentration and independence.