Why Practical Life?

Children like to imitate what they see their parents or caregiver do during the day and more often than not, there seem to never been enough time to teach them those simple exercises that will help them to adjust to the outside world.

At the school, the directress (or the teacher) shows these simple activities usually once or twice with well planned movements, so the child can observe the way they are been done. (Depending on the activity, the lesson is taught to an individual child, to a couple of children or to a group of them). Later on when it is their turn to practice the activities by themselves, they do them carefully but in their own way of doing things.
Practical Life activities are classified this way: Preliminary Exercises, Care of the Person, Care of the Environment and Grace and Courtesy. Some of the different type of exercises they will become skilled at Mes Petits are: ... (read more)

What does Practical Life mean and why do we teach these so basic things to the children?

"Never help a
child with a task
at which he feels
he can succeed"

Maria Montessori

Synonyms of Practical Life are essential, necessary, vital, needed and many more which mean basically the same. We teach them so children can learn daily tasks in a consciously way. Practical Life exercises will help children to coordinate hand-eye movement at the same time that they gain independence and adapt themselves to live in our society. 

Practical Life Exercises also assist in the development of their understanding; these activities help them to concentrate while they are doing them; and in turn it aids the child to develop an organized method of thinking.